The Hub at 16 Hospitality - Brewery Tour

15th Nov 2016

On the latest Hub Trip, our ‘Rookies’ were treated to a trip to Weetwood Ales, a popular Cheshire brewery whose beers often feature in our pubs.

After a tour of the family-run brewery, our recruits’ beer-tasting skills were put to the test with a spot of blind tasting (who said learning can’t be fun!).

The group then moved on to independent family brewers, JW Lees in Manchester. Founded in 1828, the brewery’s expert team were perfectly placed to teach our ‘Rookies’ all about the history of beer, the UK’s beer drinking habits, and the different types of beer available.

The ‘Rookies’ were then put to the test for the second time that day, as they worked in teams to present what they had learned. The winning team was announced as Aiden from The White Eagle, Marie and Dan from The Oyster Catcher, and our newest recruit, Sophie from The Crown, who also received an award for making the best contribution to the day.

The trip was finished off with a visit to Altrincham Market to soak up the atmosphere and relax with a beverage and a bite to eat.